Monday, March 4, 2013

Look who made the cover! People Magazine Oscars Edition

The main picture may not be Oscar related but it is no surprise that Jennifer Aniston made the cover of the People Magazine Oscars double issue.

Oh Jennifer Aniston, why do you do this to us time after time? Make women of all ages lust after your flawless skin and golden locks. You are just gorgeous! Jennifer always seems to hit the nail on the head at the Oscars and it is never over the top or quirky. She is always best dressed in my mind! I love how she is so confident with her hair down and always looks so down to earth with her makeup choices. Oh Jennifer, can I be you when I grow up?

I was so excited to get my hands on this magazine and oogle over the gorgeous dresses from last weekend's show. Don't get mad but I can honestly say I am not a Jennifer Lawrence fan not because I don't like her work, but because I've never seen any of it! (cue gasp). And no, I still haven't seen The Hunger Games. So I haven't seen any of her movies but man am I a fan of her style! She looked absolutely stunning, so simple and elegant with her hair neatly pulled back and modest light pink/almost beige full length gown. The only thing I was confused by was her necklace. Is the new trend to wear them backwards? It's hard to believe I am actually older than Jennifer, I wish I could float down the red carpet so seamlessly!

Beyond the gorgeous display of dresses in the People Magazine Oscar double issue, one of my favorite things to see is celebrities celebrating with each other. For some reason it always tickles me seeing two of my favorite actors or singers who are actual friends! It's almost as if I forget they aren't in character and are just a few normal folks celebrating their work. And I am always curious to see who attended the after parties, who did an outfit change, or who hobbled the red carpet on crutches (ahem, Kristin Stewart). I love the candid shots!

Picking up People Magazine is a way for me to unwind and escape from the everyday stresses of life. I can day dream about beautiful gowns and glamorous parties while in my pjs cuddled up on my couch, I wouldn't want anything more! The People Magazine Oscars Double Issue will only be available until March 18, 2013 so be sure to grab your copy at Target!

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