Monday, March 4, 2013

People Magazine & Target Giveaway!

Celebrity gossip. I'll admit... I am a sucker for it! As much as I loathe listening to Kourtney Kardashian's mundane voice or hearing about why Lindsay Lohan is in jail this week, I can't get enough! In college I got into the habit of heading to the bookstore to study and rewarding myself with an issue of PEOPLE Magazine after X amount of study hours. Boy was it the ultimate prize! To thumb through pages of pictures of celebrities who do what we do, adorable celeb-babies, and my all time favorite, the red carpet fashion editions! Let's face it, most women look forward to award show season for the sole purpose of checking out the latest fashion trends and compare who looked better than who. Is this year's color canary yellow? Is the current male trend tight suits and skinny ties? I could look at dolled up celebrities all day (wow I am doing a lot of confessing today!). So you'd have to recognize my excitement for the PEOPLE Magazine Oscars Double issue that hits stores March 1st, 2013. It will only be available until March 18th so you have to get your hands on a copy! My favorite thing about this issue is seeing my favorite movie stars transform from their award winning on screen characters into timeless beauties.

Ever since her Superbowl debut, I have been a tad obsessed with Beyonce. And then a few weeks later watching her special on Oprah...I was laughing and crying and saying amen Beyonce! She is always very bold when it comes to fashion and I look forward to seeing her Oscar ensemble!

Here's a look at some of her past Oscar Red Carpet choices...

This year I look forward to reading about who took a daring leap to show some extra leg, or who totally flopped. My guess is that the yellow/orange/coral color palette will be popular this year...let's see if I am right! (yet we all know black is always the most beautiful, simple and timeless!).

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