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The Ultimate Pregnancy & Postpartum Product

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Mamas-to-be listen up! I don't want this post to scare you but boy oh boy do I wish someone would have filled me in on the dirty little details no one shares after labor and delivery. I'd read a couple of articles and blog posts about postpartum bleeding but I assumed it would be like a light period, last for a few days, and be gone. Boy was I wrong. I also assumed that I'd catch a break since I had a C section but I was stuck with a "red aunt" times 5 for about 8 weeks after giving birth. Those first few days in the hospital and at home, you are basically wearing an adult diaper to keep from leaking but slowly (VERY slowly), the bleeding lessens. I remember thinking I would rather have a heavier flow for a shorter period of time rather than this spotting business. That's where these babies came in handy...

My tiny little water closet stocked with Poise pads, squirt bottles, wipes, and pain killers... the perfect postpartum tool box

Those weeks after having a baby are such a blur. The lack of sleep, the aching milk machines and unfortunately for me... a painful recovery from a C section. The last thing I had time for was worrying about weather I was going to leak through my granny panties, especially with guests and visitors constantly stopping by. Poise pads helped ease my mind and keep me safe, dry, and feeling fresh. I don't know about other mamas but those first few weeks I would have taken 3 showers a day if I could. I hated being able to smell myself and coupled with the 105 degree Texas heat and the workout that breastfeeding is, I was a hot mess!

Little man you were worth it!
(I wish I looked this cute after a bath)
Now that I think of it, don't wait until after you give birth to stock up on Poise pads because those last few weeks of pregnancy, let's be honest... sometimes you let out a little pee on accident! Not only pee but your body is preparing for labor and sometimes leaks other wonderful bodily fluids and that is totally normal! Instead of ruining underwear and the possibility of wet spots in your 1 pair of maternity yoga pants that fits, I kept Poise UltraThin pads on hand 24/7! I remember vividly the last time I attended a cardio kickboxing class while pregnant. I was about 20 weeks and after doing a simple jumpy move, I realized I'd peed myself a tad. Talk about embarrassing.  I ran downstairs to the locker room and just never went back to class. And that's when I started "protecting" myself! Boy oh boy I do not miss that urge to pee every 5 minutes during pregnancy :)

Poise pads aren't your everyday period pads... they offer all day protection, comfort, and absorbency for light bladder leakage and other lovely stuff us ladies deal with! Fortunately since having a C section, I don't have to deal with potty leaks post delivery but I know that is an issue many women who delivery vaginally deal with. Poise UltraThins to the rescue!

Head on over to your neighborhood Walgreens and pick up a package of Poise pads using this $2 off coupon.

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