Thursday, February 5, 2015


I was talking to a fellow pregnant mama who also has a toddler last week and we talked about nesting for baby #2. For baby #1, I had the nursery basically finished at 25 weeks, clothes were washed, folded, and put away, and my bags were packed at 30 weeks. I can't exactly say the same about baby #2! Although I may be slacking on prepping for our little girl, nesting is on the rise. I think I have it in my mind that I won't have an ounce of time for myself and my little projects once I have two babies so my nesting has been more of organizing and purging of the entire house. I don't think I have one junk drawer/box/cabinet in the whole house anymore. Clothes I haven't worn in a year have been donated and I tend to clean out the pantry every other week. I know things will be chaotic for the first few months as we figure out life with two children but I need to remind myself that we will get into a rhythm eventually! Some days this pregnancy keeps me on the couch munching on chocolate covered Acai berries all afternoon so I take advantage of the urge and energy I get to nest. Which brings me to my next point and new love... chalkboard labels.

These premium chalkboard sticker labels by Kanas are the bomb. They make my little organizational heart go pitter patter. If it was acceptable to put stickers on the outside of the dressers in our master bedroom, I would. I love being able to easily change the label and even remove if necessary. And they are cute! For now, I've kept my chalk board labeling to the kitchen but I am excited to brainstorm other areas of my house I can use them on.

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